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Cheaper Security but the best security, security guard dog compared to a security officer98.9% percent of business that have GUARD DOGS have no worries about vandalism, break-ins, or theft. Security Guard Dogs are the most effective way to protect your property. The dogs are trained using conventional methods to ensure that your construction site, property or small business is not vulnerable to unauthorized Entry, theft, or criminal Damage.There are no minimum hours.We have very competitive rates.Our guard dogs usually work in teams of 2 and patrol their assigned areas. At no time do your employees come into contact with the guard dogs. One of my employees will come in the morning and secure the dogs before your business opens. Signs warning potential trespassers of the guard dogs will be posted around your property.Guard dogs are dependable and become territorial of their posts. Unlike security guards they do not call in sick or sleep on the job. WE ARE THE NUMBER ONE PROVIDER OF GUARD DOGS IN ARIZONA. If you are interested in a Quote, Please Contact Us!We are ready to help you protect your business. Asigned contract is required for liability purposes. When choosing a guard dog service, ask about insurance. 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Business TypeGuard Dogs, Guard Dog Training Service Area,Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Anthem, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Peoria, Avondale, AZ, What We Do,We're a Phoenix guard dog company, serving the community of Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding area. We promptly place, pick up and deliver guard dogs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.,A properly trained, obedient guard dog is an essential part of many security operations. At, we train our dogs using proven methods to ensure consistent reliability. For 20 years, we've been a dependable source for healthy, well trained guard dogs, and we think you'll like the way we do business.,:* Guard Dog Sales & Renls,* Protection Training Obedience Training,,* Boarding, we provide basic and advanced level training for dog obedience and protection. We place our dogs in teams or alone, inside and outside, in secured compounds.,As a service-oriented company, we're dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We want your business as well as that of your associates, so we'll work hard to earn your trust. For well trained, reliable guard dogs, come to Services.Call today! Guard dog service in arizona. Trained personal protection business companion guard dogs. Child Safe home and family social protection dogs. Imported titled and non titled competition dogs. Trainer introductions and dogs delivered worldwide. Since 1987 our firm and its have led the industry in the sales and training of personal, business, and family home obedience and protection dogs. These trained dogs are typically used for private individuals, family's unique lifestyles, and business security. Our dogs are extensively evaluated and chosen for their stability, intelligence and courage. We provide you and your family private Owner/Handler Training with the purchase of every dog. Our trainer experts can come to you for introductions, instructions and handling lessons, or you may wish to personally come to us in Orlando, Florida. In the over 22 years of our company's history nearly 93% of over 850 dogs delivered worldwide by our company or affiliates have been integrated into homes with children under the age of 12 years. So far approximately 89% of the dogs we have sold have gone into homes with other pets such as cats, birds, horses, etc.  When you Start Training as the owner or "Handler" of your Dog that is Going Through Training, or Begin the Necessary Training to Learn How to Be Able to Have Control Over Your Guard Dog that you have just Bought, you will Understand that your Dog is not trained to be "MEAN." We make sure that our Protection Dogs are ALL Tested and that their Temperments are Solid and Well Mannered. Your dog will be perfectly well behavied and a lovable friend to you and others. You will have control of your Protection and Guard Dog, and have the Security and Feeling of Safety, knowing that When and if you need PROTECTION, YOU and YOUR DOG will be ALERT and READY in a SPLIT SECOND! In Home Private TrainingIn-Home Private Dog Training is the most effective and fastest way to train your dog. We come to you, RIGHT WHERE THE PROBLEMS ARE, AT HOME!.... Group Classes can not help with problems AT HOME!! If you are in the Greater Phoenix area we can come to your home. Call for a FREE Evaluation and Demo. Today! Our goal is to teach both you and your dog. We want to know that the dog will work as effectively for you as he or she does for us the Professional Trainer/Behaviorist. The REAL WORLD and where problems happen are not in the "park," not in or outside of the "pet store." DOGS LEARN WHERE THEY ARE TRAINED! Guard dog service in Arizona

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